July 22 : Depth

Daily Prompt : Depth

Depth is something that only exsists in space.

It does not exsist in flat surface. It is a degree of vertical descent in space.

However, is depth a relative one or a absolute one?

Let’s take it to a mathmetical model.

In geometry, the space is defined using a ‘ space coordinate system’.

There is a origin (simply used as ‘o’) which is a starting point of a coordinate.

And the space under the origin has a depth.

But if we randomly define this origin, the space which had depth may not have depth anymore.

Can we actually define something “Definite” ?


Writing and Blogging 101 start next week!

This is the one I’m going to participate in! Check it out!

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Blogging 101: Zero to Hero

I was thinking today that I would have probably already given up on this blogging thing if it hadn’t been for 101!
— The Mostly True Stories of K. Renae P

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